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Birthday Parties!

   Celebrate your child's birthday with us in our studio!


Now booking for 

 May and Summer.  

 NEW Party Themes Coming Soon! 

Check out our Party themes and info below,
then please fill out our party inquiry form at the bottom of the page and we will get b
ack to you!

cake treat.jpg

Sweet Treats and Sculpture Eats 

(Ages 4 and up.  $325 / 12 participants)

Each child will create their own slice of yummy cake sculpture using a fun sensory filled multimedia process in the style of artist Claes Oldenberg’s soft sculptures.  For younger kids, this project will be modified with a few pre-made elements to make it easier to begin cake decorating.   


Print Print Print Party

(Ages 6 and up.  $350 / 12 participants)

Learn how to playfully layer shapes and color to create frame-ready artworks using gelli plate printmaking techniques.  Guests can trade artworks and leave with several original prints.  

party 6.jpg

Animal Worlds Party
(Ages 5 and up.  $325 / 12 participants)

Using air dry clay, watercolor paint, and architectural model building materials, we will explore a variety of imagined habitats (real or imaginary) for mini sculptural animals and their kin.  Make an armadillo apartment, koala crib, a cat castle, lizard lounge, dinosaur den, or a doggy domicile!  Let your imagination go wild! 

lantern image.jpg

Little Lumière Design Party
(Ages 6 and up.  $325 
/ 12 participants)

Each guest will design colorful patterns and embellishments for a unique 12” paper lantern.  This project is based on Isamu Noguchi's Akari lamps and traditional chōchin lanterns of Japan, which are designed to hang from a hook or a pole.  

jewelry reed.jpg

Accessorize! Party 

(Ages 4 and up.  $325 / 12 participants)

Choose from a variety of materials such as metal wire, wood shapes, plastic gems, and beads, to create unique handmade jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and earrings.  This theme can be modified for each age group (younger kids focusing on pendants and beads, older kids: necklaces, earrings, & bracelets).  We will explore a variety of jewelry making approaches from a multicultural and multi-material lens.

mannequin party image.jpg

Fashion Design Party 

(Ages 5 and up.  $325 / 12 participants 

+ $5 materials fee per guest).

Have you ever wanted to design your own clothing line?  Each guest will create their own “look” for a mini mannequin with a variety of textiles, trims, and embellishments for a mini runway show!


Make a Mask! Party
(Ages 4 and up. $325 / 12 participants)

Each guest will invent and create a personalized mask with a multimedia approach. Building from different shapes, kids can invent any kind of mask they can imagine.  We will cut eye holes and build each mask piece by piece, thought by thought, inventing a new kind of magnificent creature or a personal alias. 

party 3.jpg

Painting Party
(Ages 5 and up.  $350 up to 10 kids)
Your choice of a theme-based painting activity such as still-life, landscape, or portraits on canvas with acrylic or tempera paints.  Each guest will create their own unique painting with guidance from our instructors.  


Pricing and Info:

$100 non-refundable deposit to hold the date, the remaining balance to be paid in-full one week before the party.

 Our 90 min studio parties start at a flat rate (+ up to 2 adults) 

Each party theme is individually priced and described above.

+$25 per each additional guest beyond the above descriptions for each theme

(parties are typically capped at 16 kids)


We're now including: reusable plates, forks, cups, cake knife, and napkins for families to use.  

Looking for a customized party theme? 

Please ask us! 


All parties include 60 min art making activity, 30 min for eating/celebration (90 min total), birthday banner decorating activity, filtered water, microwave, and mini fridge for your use, we take care of the clean up.  Host family may arrive up to 30 min before party for set up.


For your party: We'll facilitate and lead a 60 min art activity, and you'll provide, facilitate, and serve: cupcakes or cake, food, candles, accoutrements, and any additional decorations. 

We ask that gift openings be saved for at home. All participants will make-and-take their artwork home with them! 

We welcome Parents or Guardians of the birthday family to stay and celebrate with us.  We ask Parents or Guardians of guests to drop off and pick up at the beginning and end of the party so that we can mitigate overcrowding and have enough space for our staff to facilitate the event. If you believe that your child may need extra support, please feel free to stay for the party to assist them :)

Please give us a minimum 2 week lead-time on your party inquiry so that we can accommodate our scheduling, staffing, and materials. Feel free to reach out to us with short notice and we'll see if we can fit you in, an extra fee may apply.  

Our insurance requires that the host family signs a waiver/permission form with every booking.  We cannot accommodate piñatas or any similar party game activities.  

Now, Let's Party!

Please fill in our inquiry form and we'll get back to you!

(Just a note: We are currently booking parties three to four weeks in advance.) 


Which Party Theme(s) are you interested in?

Thanks for thinking of us for your celebration!

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