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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Dot and Line Art Studio located? 

Dot and Line Art Studio, LLC is located at 311A Beverly Road in Mt. Lebanon, 2nd floor. We have a chair lift for guests who may need assistance climbing stairs. Please contact us if you need extra assistance. We also travel to client's homes for private lessons and off-site events.

Where do I park? 

There is metered parking along Beverly Road and a metered municipal parking lot behind the shops. The area also has several two and three hour residential parking options on side streets around Beverly Road.

I want to sign up for your classes, but I am experiencing financial hardship.

We believe that Art must always be accessible for everyone of all backgrounds and economic situations. 

Please reach out to us!  We can find a way to make this possible.

Do you offer payment plans?  

Yes, Please contact us! 

How do I use Gift Cards? 

If you purchased a digital gift card, please use the digital code in your checkout to apply the value.  Click on the "Gift Card" icon at checkout.   If you have a physical gift card from 2022, please email us with an image of teh front/back of the card and let us know how you'd like to apply the remaining value.  

Do you offer birthday parties or events?

We do! See our "Birthday Parties" section for details.  Please contact us and we'll get in touch to schedule your child's party. We also offer special customized events and workshops.  Please contact us with your inquiry.  

Can I book a Private Art Lesson for my child? 

We are currently pivoting towards offering smaller specialized groups instead of private lessons.  We do our best to group students with similar age / skill set so we can give everyone guided instruction.  Please contact us for more info.  

What art materials do I need?
Our classes at the studio include all materials.  

​What do I wear to make art?

Making a mess means that you are immersing yourself in the creative process!  We do have smocks for children to wear during our classes and camps, however we encourage wearing clothing that you don't mind getting messy.

​Can I park my stroller at the studio?

Yes, we have room in the front and back of the studio on the second floor to park or hang strollers. The only caveat is that we have a steep stairwell.  We can help you if needed.  

Does Dot and Line Art Studio, LLC have Insurance and Clearances? 

Yes we do! Dot and Line Art Studio, LLC maintains a Business Liability Insurance binder for both onsite and offsite activities, and since we are educators working in School, University, and Museum settings in Pennsylvania, our lead educators and staff must have FBI & PA fingerprint and background checks, and Certificates of Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse. We can provide you with any further information that you may need. 

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