Coronavirus/COVID-19 Precautions

Dot and Line Art Studio, LLC strives to provide a safe and enjoyable art experience for all participants. Our studio is equipped with a HVAC air filtration system and a portable HEPA air filter system, which circulates and filters the air in the studio. We keep windows open and space students out as much as possible.


We will follow all current CDC and PA guidelines. These are subject to change as we receive new and developing information from the CDC and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

We are currently following CDC and School District regulations for masking protocols based on COVID-19 Community Levels in Allegheny County.  As of March 19, 2022 community levels are low, however, this status may change from time to time, and our masking policy will adapt as needed.  We currently recommend that all students over the age of 2 take the necessary precautions for self protection that they may need.  Masks in the studio are recommended, but currently not mandatory.  Masks breaks are given frequently and students will be social-distanced if or when eating in the studio.  Our studio has excellent ventilation and we are keeping class sizes small to allow for ample space. 

All of our educators are fully vaccinated. 

Any child or adult exhibiting COVID-19-like symptoms must stay home and follow CDC guidelines before returning to class. 

All students/parents must sign our Coronavirus/COVID-19 waiver prior to beginning class.  We will email a waiver link to

you when you book your class.