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"ALL ABOARD!"  Let's ride the rails with our "Light Rail" Art/Play Kit!


Design the look and feel of your very own  "Light Rail" Art/Play sculpture! Children can draw and collage different textures, designs, and trick out this cool light rail train which also includes a detachable track/stand for display. Two double doors open on either side of the train so that passengers can move on and off for travel.  Make fasionable outfits for your train's passengers! Where does your light rail go?  Let's make a map!  Does it go above ground or below? 


This kit offers a wide range of possibilities with several engaging and tactile materials that will challenge motor skills and promote inventive play.  Super fun for an individual, family, or party activity: ages 6 and up.  


Singular kits can be purchased for $40/each plus tax.  Not available for party packs. 


Included in this kit:

- Instructions and idea guidebook

- Pre-assembled Light Rail template and figures

- Markers 

- Glue stick and Scissors

- Collage materials and cut shapes with stickers.


Small parts choking hazard for small children, please use adult supervision.