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  • 1 hour
  • Beverly Road

What we offer:

Summer sessions are closed. Currently booking for Fall 2020. Please contact us to inquire about availability and pricing. Private Art Lessons for Adults Our private adult classes are designed to develop skill sets based in drawing, painting, and collage, exploring and understanding the fundamentals, and developing your personal voice with a material sense. Whether you are interested in starting a daily drawing practice, developing a portfolio, or trying something new, we will create a curriculum that caters to your interests, builds a skill set, and is directed, yet open-ended. For example: A one-hour lesson might involve drawing demonstrations by the instructor showing various techniques and approaches such as capturing the force and movement of a line in gesture, followed by several quick warm-up drawings with charcoal or conte crayon. Then, a more sustained drawing from observation that explores light, shadow, contour and form using a variety of techniques such as cross hatch and gradient shading, ink wash, etc. The instructor will provide one-on-one guidance and we will discuss your work and embrace its process. In-person Private Lessons for local Pittsburgh Residents only, and currently only offered in our studio. We are not offering home visits at this time. See some examples of our adult student's wonderful work below!

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