Need art materials?  Have no fear!  We offer a high quality art materials kit to our students!  Our kit will come with our namesake 'blue splotch' tote bag and include eveything you'll need for a 10 week course of drawing lessons and byond.   Purchase the kit on our website and if you are in the Pittsburgh area, we will bring it to your first lesson.   


We source our high quality materials to be free of defects or problems.  If you encounter any issues with your items upon delivery please let us know and we can replace the item.   


Kit contents: 

1 -"Blue Splotch" Tote Bag

1 -18"x24" Drawing board with #4 Bulldog clips

3 -Ebony pencils 

1- Handheld Pencil Sharpener 

1- Large Kneaded Eraser

1 - Magic Eraser 

1- Package of vine charcoal 

1 - Stick of compressed graphite

1 - (2 pack)  Black Conte Crayon

1 - Black Vis-A-Vis wet erase marker

1 - large chunky black crayon 

1 - Drawing materals plastic case

1 - 2oz Black Drawing Ink

1 - Opaque Watercolor set (Talens, Germany) 

Watercolor brushes (Liner, #4 #8, #10, 1" Flat )

- Newsprint Paper 

1 - 9"x11" Watercolor paper pad

1-  White Drawing paper (25ct.) 

1 - 9"x12" Spiral sketch pad


*(Not all art materials kit contents are featured in the product picture. Slight variations in kit materials may occur as pricing and sourcing of supplies fluctuates. We do our best to keep consistency of quality and functionality of all of the materials we use.)



Art Materials Kit

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