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Family Art Sessions

Family art sessions are a great way to have fun and make art

together as a family. We will guide you and your family through a personalized art making session, regardless of your skill level.

Our studio focuses on process and having fun with making art in a variety of forms, so you don't have to have any prior experience to enjoy making art!  

We have a few ideas to choose from:

  • Large-scale canvas: Create a collaborative mixed media artwork on a large-scale canvas that is primed, stretched and ready to hang in your home.  This painting will need to dry overnight, and you can pick it up the next day.  We will spray your painting with a protective gloss coating as well.  

  • Watercolor self-portraits: Each family member will create a self-portrait (or create self-portraits of each other) and frame them at the end of class. This is a whimsical and fun activity using high quality paint sets and paper. 

  • Individual or collaborative works on 16"x20" canvases with mixed media and/or paint. We will guide you through a fun and exploratory painting session that will use a variety of materials and approaches.  Embrace the process of painting to make something new and unplanned!

Sessions are 1 hour long and include all art materials, as well as tables and chairs to use during the session if needed. 


Price: $250 per session up to 4 people.  $20 each additional Guest.

Click the link below to inquire and we'll get back to you shortly!

 * Please try and give us a lead time of about two weeks*

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