Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child’s birthday with us! 


How does it work? 

We’ll come to you and lead up to 12 children

in a 60 minute inquiry based art-making activity in

your front or back yard, garage, or outdoor space.

You provide an adequate work area (tables, chairs,

etc.) for your guests and for our activity.  We will

bring an extra table for our setup if necessary.

We have a few basic themes below but the party

can also be customized to your child’s interests.  All guests will take their work home at the end of the party.   We aim for our parties to be educational, exploratory, and involve all of the guests in creative innovation.   

Some basic examples of project categories: 

Painting - children participate in a color mixing exploration and are given their own canvas to create a painting


Drawing/Mixed Media  - children are given a variety of drawing tools and mixed media to explore and create a work on art on a canvas or art board.

Collage - children explore collage with a variety of papers and textures and create a work on art.  For example: animals, faces, places. 

Sculpture - children will work with air-dry modeling clay and decorations to create sculptures and a special container to take them home.


Zines - students are given a fun storytelling exploration and create their own zines! 

Customization - We can customize a party project! 

Please see our pictures below of some recent super fun examples. Reach out to

us with a description of your child's interests and we will brainstorm a unique project!  


How long is the party?

Our art-making activity lasts for approximately one hour. We suggest beginning the activity 15 minutes after the guests arrive. After the art-making session, we will prepare the children’s artwork to take home and clean up.

What ages are the birthday parties for? 

Parties are for children ages 4-13.

How early do you arrive?

Our team will arrive approximately 30 min prior to the party to set up. 


Do you supply decorations or food?

No, we just supply the art materials and the art-making experience!

How far do you travel?

We will travel all over the Pittsburgh area.


What is the cost?

Our basic party package starts at $250 which includes activity set-up, art materials, 1 hour instruction, and activity clean-up for up to 12 guests.  Each additional guest is $20.  

How do I inquire about your availability? 

Please click the link button below to inquire about a Birthday Party.  Please try to allow at least two weeks notice in advance of your event.  In some cases we can work with a short notice.  We will reach out to you to confirm the details. 


Thank you!

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